Mouthguard - Palm Springs Edition

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Introducing our mouthguard - the ultimate solution for your dental needs! Designed with an ergonomic shape, this mouthguard provides an unparalleled level of comfort that ensures a perfect fit for any mouth shape.

The fast and easy boil fitting process enables you to mold the splint to your teeth within minutes, so you can get back to the activities you love without delay. With relief on the underside, the splint is able to lie securely on the lower row of teeth for optimal protection and support.

In addition to the mouthguard, a user guide with full fitting and care instructions is included to make sure you can achieve the best fit and maintain proper hygiene for your oral health.

To make the experience even better, our Mouthguard comes with a durable storage case so you can easily and safely store your mouthguard when not in use. Don't let dental problems hold you back - try our Mouthguard today and experience the ultimate in comfort, protection, and convenience.

Product Features:
  • ergonomic design with fast, easy boil fitting
  • relief on the underside - allows the splint to lie securely on the lower row of teeth 
  • user guide with full fitting and care instructions are included
  • storage case included