Wilko Busemann


 Hey! I am Wilko Busemann and together with my buddy and business partner Dennis Schremmer, I created the brand Choke&Chill. 

My journey started with Japanese Jiu Jitsu when I was younger. Actually, I didn’t discover Brazilian Jiu Jitsu until I was 17. My passion for BJJ was sparked at a traditional Jiu Jitsu competition in which I faced a grappler. After being swiftly defeated twice, once via triangle choke and once via arm bar, I realised that the game had evolved and that I had to learn these skills. The very next day, I attended a No-Gi seminar in Bremen.

At Choke&Chill, I am involved in all areas of the company’s operation. In addition to the more mundane tasks such as bookkeeping, I also get to work in the more exciting departments of Choke&Chill, such as the marketing and customer service department.



Dennis Schremmer



Hi ,my name is Dennis Schremmer ! In 2017 Wilko and I brought the Company Choke&Chill to life. My martial arts way began at the age of six with traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu. I actually met Wilko through Jiu Jitsu. We often trained together and were able to form a tight friendship. As an industrial engineer who specialized in mechanical engineering, the sports and fashion industry might seem like an odd career path. However, if there is one thing Wilko and I know about this industry, it's martial arts gear!  At Choke&Chill I handle logistics and procurement. Any enquiries about custom made gear go through me. I also decide which suppliers we use and make sure that our quality standards are met. I am quite excited about the future of Choke&Chill and the challenge of running a company like it.


Joanna Roßberg

Customer Relationships


 Hello, my name is Joanna and I have been part of the Choke&Chill team since since January 2019. I started training traditional Jiu Jitsu with Dennis in 2014, after my after my kids tried it and loved it to the point where their enthusiasm convinced me to try it too. At Choke&Chill my main function is in customer relations. I handle most customer mail and general inquiries. On top of this, I look after the needs of our Choke&Chill athlete team and help organise their custom athlete apparel and team wear.

I am thrilled to take on this challenge and be able to support this young and dynamic team at Choke&Chill.