The De La Riva Foot Lock (and Why It's Awesome!)

The De La Riva Foot Lock (also called ‘Caio Terra Foot Lock’ after Caio Terra who often successfully used/uses it against high level opposition) is one of the most sneaky but effective and, sadly, overlooked submissions in all of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

As the Lock is a straight (not twisted) Foot Lock, it is legal under IBJJF rules from white belt level.

The De La Riva Guard (DLR)

The DLR is one of the most frequently used open guards in Jiu Jitsu. It has proven itself worthy of being one of the best open guards for many years. The Guard was introduced to Jiu Jitsu by the famous Ricardo De La Riva, even though there is evidence that the position has been used in Kosen Judo long before Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came into existence.

The Guard allows for a variety of sweeps, back takes and submissions, but not many people attack the legs. Furthermore, it is a great position to control your opponent. Even though the DLR can be used in the Gi as well as in No-Gi, it is more commonly used in the Gi due to the grips that the Gi offers.

The Foot Lock

As stated previously, the Foot Lock was made famous (and was arguably invented) by Caio Terra. He frequently used/uses the submission against high level opponents in the Gi as well as in No-Gi.

As explained above, the DLR in itself is a great position to use in Jiu Jitsu. Adding the De La Riva Foot Lock to your arsenal of attacks will definitely be beneficial for your Jiu Jitsu.

The Foot Lock is a submission without a high risk of you getting your Guard passed when applying it. Furthermore, you don’t have to give up your position to get this Lock. The entry to the Foot Lock can also be used as a sweep if you cannot finish the submission.


With this submission you are capable of surprising your opponent with a strong and effective lock from a position most Jiu Jitsu players regularly use anyway. Furthermore, you don’t have to give up an advantageous position and can even use the Lock as a sweep to improve your position.

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