8 Important Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Your Gi!

1. The right size

Everyone who has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for a while knows that feeling: You just got a new Gi, tried it on and realized that it doesn’t really fit as expected.

Especially, the Brazilian sizing often varies a lot, depending on the different producers.
That´s why you should always check the size-chart – if possible. Here, y
ou can find the size-chart in the bottom-section of our website.

Additionally, we offer long-sizes, such as ‘A2L’. In these versions, the sleeves and pants are 2 cm longer. These sizes are made for rather tall and slim people.

2. Does the BJJ GI correspond with the rules?

You should ask yourself, whether you often take part in competitions or not. There is nothing worse than being disqualified before you step onto the mats because of the condition of your Gi  (obviously, being disqualified always sucks). Some associations like the IBJJF have very specific and strict uniform-requirements.

Next to the fit and patches on the Gi, the color is very important, too. In our shop, you can find more information on which colors are allowed under different rule-sets. 

3. Material

Usually, a BJJ Gi is made out of cotton. However, sometimes, different materials are being used as well. Some brands use other natural or artificial materials such as Hemp or polyester mixtures.

If you have any incompatibility, it’s important to know the material of your Gi. You should also have a look at the tissue-type and the thickness of the material. We also published an article on this topic.

4. The weight

The weight of a Gi can vary, depending on which materials are used. Considering this before you buy your own Gi is important. Especially during hot summers, the thickness and weight can impact your training and at weigh-ins before competitions, where every gram counts, the weight plays a significant role.

With this in mind, we always mention the exact weight of our products in the description.

5. The longevity

You should pay attention to the fact that some parts of a Gi which are stressed more than others while being used have to be reinforced. This includes for example the knee-areas, the shoulders and the armpits. Every high quality BJJ Gi should be reinforced twice in these areas.

6. The possible grips

Of course, your BJJ Gi should give your oponnent as little chances to secure a tight grip as possible. Thus, if a Gi doesn’t fit as it should, you might have a disadvantage in training and competition.

7. The smell

Did you ever have to wash your BJJ Gi more than once before wearing it because of an unpleasant smell? Sometimes, this happens. Depending on where your Gi was produced and where it was stored, your Gi might smell. Some Gis are produced in countries in which the production-rules are not comparable to the ones in Germany.

We from Choke&Chill believe that a Gi should smell pleasant instead of like having been in contact with many different chemicals or colors. Take this into account when thinking about which Gi to buy!

8. The BJJ Gi should fit perfectly

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when buying a Gi. A BJJ Gi should always fit perfectly and you as the costumer should never accept a Gi that doesn’t fit like it should. Unfortunately, on the internet, you cannot try on our Gis (yet). Therefore, we from Choke&Chill always offer free returns on your orders to guarantee your satisfaction.

Check out our Kimonos here

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